Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Stork Mela

In the scorching heat of May, Chitta and me were chilling out at Ranganthittu bird sanctuary [Neena was fighting away the chill(cold) in mysore], both of us were overwhelmed by the scene - Painted storks, Asian open billed storks, White Ibis, Large egrets, Median egrets ,adults and young ones … literally in hundreds perching on trees and flying around.
This was a great feast for any nature lover and birding enthusiast.
The birds were nesting on the trees all over the place; this small reservoir in the Kaveri River provides home and food for not only the birds but crocodiles and the bats as well.
Cruising in a small boat (service provided by Karnataka Tourism) we could approach very close to the island and the edge of the river where birds were nesting.
Unfortunately the boat ride lasts only for 20mins or so, for another ride we would have to stand in the queue once more.

We were very reluctant to leave this Mela (fun-fair, large gathering) of a different kind. However we left, only to return the next day and this time with Neena minus the chill (cold that she had). Though for Chitta and Me this was second trip in two days, it was still refreshing to be back in the company of the birds that are suppose to courier the babies to expecting mothers.
In the near future I am planning to specially visit this palce and spend atleast 2 days amidst these featherd creatures.


Sangeeta said...

Hi Ajay,

Enjoyed the Stork Mela. (Kadhi mela? kalalach nahi...)Kidding...

'Paper wasp' snaps awaited.

Your blog is good for Table-top nature-lovers like me!!!

My Mt Myndd is getting filled blog by blog!

The Big S. said...

Nice post. Waiting for your next adventuure.