Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Escapades - the bike store

Cycling is not only a means to move around but, also a fantastic way to experience a ‘high’, a great way to explore and stay fit, whether on ROAD or on the TRAIL. Do you remember your childhood bicycle escapades?, certainly you do!......, why not relive it !

‘Escapades’ is a small venture, operating from home. The shop intends not only to sell the bikes, but, provide quality service, popularize cycling, conduct workshops on maintenance of the bike, organize biking events……

  • Since the shop is part time venture, please call 09823905756 or email - escapbikes@yahoo.in/ajd2k7@yahoo.co.in to ensure the shop is kept open for you : - ))

The bikes presently available at the shop are KHS ALITE 150, ALITE 500 and ALITE 1000. All these are mountain bikes. KHS FLITE 300 and FLITE 500 road bikes are available against order.

KHS 150 specifications – price Rs. 16,000
KHS 500 specifications – price Rs. 23,000
KHS 1000 specifications – price Rs. 30,000

Escapades Address - H.No.23, Prabhunagar, Rajiv Kala Mandir Road, Behind Sapana Park, Ponda, Goa.

Escapades location map

Photos - KHS ALITE 150 and 500

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