Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bicycle storage stand

Here is a simple and cheap design for a bike storage stand. This stand can hold two bike. The material used is easily available. I used two test tube holder clamps (the one used in chemistry labs). A 2 inch thick wooden baton is fixed upright onto heavy wooded base. The baton is fixed with 4 aluminum brackets.

Hooks or peg fixed on the baton can hold helmet, gloves and other things…..

The total cost for the material Rs. 50 for clamps + Rs 160 for aluminum brackets = Rs. 210 that’s it, the baton and wooden base is recycled…..

The rods of the clamps are inserted into the holes (little undersized as compared to the diameter of the rods) drilled in the baton. The holes can be drilled 2cms apart either vertically or horizontally!

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