Thursday, January 10, 2008

Budding Snakemen

How often does one come across teenagers more at home with Sandboas, Chekered Keelbacks and Russel's Vipers (ooopppsss!!!!!) than, mobiles, computers and the net.

I consider myself fortunate to have met one such band of teenagers and at the same time feel proud to have them as my students.

Meet Saish, Omkar, Utkarsh, Aniket, Rohan, Amey, Kustubh and Shounak the energetic green octet.

Saish and Omkar are ever eager to rush to rescue the snake, lost in the not so friendly neighbourhood concrete jungle. Both hold the record for rescuing 8 baby Russel's Vipers in a single day.

Recently the boys rescued a Checkered Keelback and baby Sand Boa from a neighbor's house.

The enthusiasm of these boys is also a matter of concern to me when it comes to handling venomous snakes like Russel's Viper and Cobra. I have to keep repeating the words of CAUTION.

Guys like these face great danger from the system (education system in particular), as there is no recognition and encouragement for any non academic activity.

Hoping others catch the spirit!!!

Rescued Russel's Viper

Saish with rescued Checkered Keelback

Aniket and Saish, Releasing the Keelback

Baby Sand Boa

Utkarsh admiring the baby Sandboa

Rohan with Green Vine Snake

Saish, Shaunak and Omkar with snake skin

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