Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Bike Tune Up Workshop At Escapades - a Success

The one day Bike Tune Up Workshop at Escapades was a success, infact it turned into a BIKE OVERHAULING for Manoj. Manoj pedaled all the way from Corlim to Ponda covering a 20+ Kms one way. The workshop began at 10am with Donald, Jagdish, Raju, Hazrath, Anil and Me.
Fortunately (should I say unfortunately?) Donald’s bike had a flat in front tube, it was a first hands on experience for Donald in patching up the leak on the tube. 

After the demo by me on Tuning of Deraillers (Front and Rea on Donald’s biker), Manoj’s Bike came on the workstand. Manoj eagerly set to work on his bike and managed to get grease on his hands, shorts, t-shirt and where not.

With all the mechanics around we stripped the bike naked; wheels, deraillers, bottom bracket, fork and all. After cleaning thoroughly, the bike was assembled chiefly by Manoj with helping hand from Raju.

 Within the span of 3 working hours, we managed to tune up one bike and overhaul another.
After the lunch, Manoj test rode the KHS ALITE trail bike and then rolled off on his TREK 4300 all smooth and shiny!

Escapades plans to bring many more workshops on BIKES and BIKING!


ankurdinge said...

thats great sir! good going! Good luck!

Astrodude said...

I love it. Donald learnt how to fix a patch. Impressive. :)

Aleksandra19 said...

EXCELLENT work here.

I'm a huge bike fan (I ride a Trek 4300).

Myndscape said...

Thanks Aleksandra ! I also have a shop blog here