Friday, February 12, 2010

The Century Ride

Today did the long pending century ride on my road bike! Earlier I have knocked off 70+, 80+ and 90+ (97Kms) but never a full century!
I did not want 50Kms up and 50Kms down along the same route, so I chose a route which took me on the loop of 80kms plus 20Kms of the retrace.
The route was Ponda-Lotoulim-Cortalim-Chicalim-Airport-BITS campus-Casaulim-Utorda-Majrda-Nuvem-Aquem-Chandor(Via Quepem road)- Curtorim-Raia- Ponda. The Route Map Link:
Near St.Jacinto Island
Once out of Ponda the roads were less rolling with very few climbs. The road from Cortalim to Chicalim and From BITS to Casaulim to Majorda is a fantastic bike riding route!
The BITS, Pilani Goa Campus
Lake side, Casaulim
On this stretch I maintained 25+KmPh average speed!
Did this century in 4hrs 37mins with average speed of 21.4KmPH, the total time of the tide was 5Hrs! Kept a good energy level through out the ride by hydrating and feeding myself with Bananas, Dates and almonds!

The route map:


Abhijith Rao said...

Nice ride Ajay!

Anonymous said...

you are an inspiration and the posts are so nice to read. to be able to view what you seen on cycle rides is just wonderful and a reason to now slowly slowly get my trek out a lil further from home. :) the way you just can do even a 50km ride and visit such unique peaceful locations, that you have your camera to provide evidence for, just makes cycling that much more exciting.

its high time i added this blog, among all other tech-only feed subscriptions. how do you get the mapmyrie done so well? gps?

Myndscape said...

Diabolic: Thanks!
I feel happy that you enjoy the posts!
I use the web based application 'Mapmyride' You register for free and then map the ride before or after the ride!

Myndscape said...

Diabolic : mapmyride is very simple and easy to use application! you own a TREK? what model?

Anonymous said...

@ajay Trek 4300 from the goa dealer. Got a 21" but it felt damn high!! scared when i couldn't get both feet on the ground n was totally hopeless with the balance on day 1. 10 yrs. break after all. removed the cycle lock holder and the reflector to make the seat go all the way down. kind of like getting used to. day 2, went a bit around dada vaidya school. barely 30 mins!
funniest part..tried rotating the handlebars to accelerate, and even flickin imaginary turn light switches below handlebars.

i'd like to email you with some queries, if that's ok with you. i do have your email id from a previous comment.

Myndscape said...

abusiveviews: 21"? that size is meant for some above 6 feet tall!

anyways! 4300 is a great bike, and deserves to be taken OFF ROAD!

Please feel free to send in any queries! use

If you are from Ponda, then we can also meet in person!

""""funniest part..tried rotating the handlebars to accelerate, and even flickin imaginary turn light switches below handlebars"""".....ha ha..... great, next do not queue up at petrol pump on longer ride.........

Anonymous said...

Myndscape, I dunno how my next comment got signed as abusiveviews? I set WP to remember Diabolic as the identifying nickname...and asked to always authorize for this site. nevertheless, thanks for letting the comment thru. :)

I'm a bit above 6'1", is that sufficient? without an actual bike, my calculations were guided estimates at best. i don't wanna feel bad about it.

without helmet, didn't dare take it off road, though there are small paths that are off road near my place.

I won't hopefully be waiting in petrol queues, thats the main thing a cyclist avoids use of. :)

Myndscape said...

Hi Abusiveviews!

21" frame size should be OK for your height! (in fact I ride 18" TREK 3700 when recommended size for me is 16", am 5'4" ONLY:))

Do not worry if your legs do not touch the ground, when on saddle, this is normal!

However, when you stand over the top tube of the bike frame, there should be at least 1" to 2" clearance between groin and the frame.

Get a helmet and pair of Gloves and go explore the trails...............Enjoy the bike.....there are ample trails around Ponda. 2 Trails that I ride are really challenging. One is a little further from Hotel Amigos along the Belgaum highway and the other is on the way to Dabal......

Diabolic Preacher said...

thanks for your ideas. I think I'm ok with the bike now. though i still don't understand which gear is for what? when the number for the front gear (left hand) goes down, its easier to go uphill and when the number for the rear gear (right hand) goes up, its easier to go uphill. this is just apparent observation. also when goin uphill, if i change gear then the pedal slips to the next chain...n that kinda disbalances...just hope i'm not like breaking it slowly.

Myndscape said...

Hi Diabolic!

The gears are to be used in following combinations;

1front(smallest chain ring) with 1,2,3,4Rear (1Rear is largest gear)

2Front (middle chain ring) with 4,5,6Rear

3Front (Largest chain ring) with 6,7,8Rear

Never do cross chaining, that is never engage 1Front with 6,7,8Rear and 3Front with 1,2,3Rear

Since you are beginner, use only 1 or 2 in front at the appropriate combination.

While doing uphill, choose the front gear prior to the climb, also while shifting ease the pressure on the pedal a little for a moment till the chain makes the shift

If you keep riding you will figure out the stuff, do not worry about your bike breaking slowly, it can survive little abuse in the beginning...happy pedaling:)