Saturday, January 16, 2010

Couple of Good Cycling Routes Around Ponda

One cannot ride a single kilometer in Ponda without hitting a climb. The roads here are cascade of ups and downs. There are many good routes around Ponda to ride your cycle,provided you do not mind sweating it out. Here are the route mas of couple of rides I do regularly

Route 1 Betoda to Engineering College Via Veling 22Kms loop
This route is a challenge, the 2Km stretch is real grueling climb, in just couple of kms you will be elevated to 150m with 5%,6% and 7% gradients

Route 2 Betoda - Kahndepar Road - Keri - Ponda - Betoda 24Kms loop

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Diabolic Preacher said...

Wow...just so so relevant. This is way more relevant info than i ever hoped for..only am not that good at maps...n cycles r not good at breakin thru houses, bollywood style.

Thanks for this article. :)