Friday, September 12, 2008

The Chorla Trek

We could see Keri Dam partially lost amidst the fog in the valley below, as we snaked up the winding Chorla Ghat road. Half way up the Ghat Mandar, Utkarsh, Omkar, Kaustubh Rohan and Me poured out of the car. Standing at the edge of the road all of us took the in the refreshing air and the scene below. Omkar got busy clicking the tiny flying dragons. 15 minutes later we moved on climbing up higher.
KERI DAM LOST IN FOG Our second stop was past the Wilder Nest nature camp, from this point we had a good view of twin waterfalls. Exploring the surrounding area Rohan noticed some pug marks and concluded they belonged to a wild boar.
At 9am we reached at the top and broke our fast at the only road side eatery. All of us feasted on Bhaji and Pav. After parking the car near the hotel we set out on the trail that would lead us to an old fort near a village called SADA.
The trail takes off from Goa – Belgaum highway, right at the entrance we were greeted by mixed bird calls, we had a fleeting glimpse of yellow browed bulbul . IT was hard to spot any bird as they were very well camouflaged by the thick canopy overhead.
We walked along taking the richness of the vegetation and the creepy crawlies wandering across our path. After about a couple of kilometers the terrain changed the tall trees gave way to open grass land and shrubbery. Small rivulets crossed our path. Omkar went berserk cliking the dragon flies and damsel flies. Rohan found some interesting toad which he carried on his palm, showing off.

The rising heavy clouds darkened the horizon as we reached the Volcanic Plateau ( called SADA in Konkani and Marathi). A lone pair of Malabar Crested Lark chased each other across flower dotted rocky terrain. We could see the thick curtain of rain on the adjacent hill top. None were carrying rain gear except me and Omkar. I had a rain jacket and Omkar an umbrella. We bundled three cameras and a binocular into my backpack and I wore the coat, at least the equipment would be safe now.
It started pouring and every one rushed in the nearby bush. It was quite a site to see Rohan, Omkar, Kaustubh, Utkarsh and Mandar huddled under single umbrella. The rain coat provided good cover for the equipment but the water trickled through the open zip wetting my front.

As there was no sign of rain receding we decide to walk back. By 1pm we reached the hotel, drenched to the core. After drying up a little bit we settled to feast on piping hot rice plate served at the hotel. While having the lunch I noticed a little dark lump between my first two toes . I dashed out and on closer scrutiny I noticed total of 6 tiny lumps on my legs and realized these were leeches gradually getting fatter on my blood. The sprinkling of salt did the trick, each leech crumpled and collapsed on the ground. Blood continued pouring from the wounds caused. Rohan and Omkar had a couple of leeches on there ankles. The rest of them were lucky.

Wounds cleaned and lunch bill paid we started our back journey. It rained all the way back home.


dumbo said...

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exceelent bloggin..!
nice pics, especially the kavrii..!

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Kaustubh said...

@ Junk..
it's not's
Hairy Smithia (Smithia hirsuta)
...and not Kavrii...its KARVEE...Kavrii is a profeesor at Chowgulez in Zoology Department!!

Myndscape said...

Junk tunes - It is KARVEE or KARVI as Kaustubh has pointed, but there is no KARVEE photograph in my post!!!!

Junktune - I liked the STREETUNES