Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On the Trail Of Collared Kingfisher

I made a trip to KARNZALE-Marcaim 'Khazan' (marsh land created by tidal backwaters from estuaries) land On the afternoon of 16th June 2008. Accompanying me was all exited Jagdish. Jagdish had promised to show me a COLLARED KINGFISHER and LITTLE GREEN HERON; both uncommon, he had spotted 8 of these beautiful kingfishers at the same spot, day before.

As we started walking along the Bandh (manmade embankment to control the tidal waters) we spotted Large egrets, Lesser Whistling Teals and Cormorants. Brahminy Kites rode the thermals. Further along the bandh Jagdish pointed at a smallish bird on the rocks, it resembled the pond heron but on closer scrutiny it turned out to be LITTLE GREEN HERON . Jagdish was pleased to have fulfilled 50% of his promise.

The Bandh

Little Green Heron

Little Green Heron

The bandh is almost a kilometer in length and is lined with thick Mangrove plantation. As we walked to the other end of the bandh we spotted Honey Buzzard being chased by CROW, White Breasted Kingfisher, Small Blue Kingfisher, Pied Kingfisher and Stork billed Kingfisher but no sign of COLLARED KINGFISHER.

We lingered at the spot where Jagdish had seen the kingfisher, however today some locals were repairing the bandh at the very spot. So we walked along.

The Repair Work

Towards the end point the bandh runs parallel to ZUARI estuary. On this stretch we heard the call of the Kingfisher we were so eagerly looking for. We waited in vain for a while and started our return walk. Half way through the walk Jagdish halted abruptly pointing in the mangrove thicket, right there in front was a pair of COLLARED KINGFISHER. The sky was cloudy and the pair perched in the thicket, not good enough light for photo, however I managed to click a decent snap.

With 100% promise fulfilled Jagdish was all smiles.

Collared Kingfisher

Brahminy Kite

Flies on Fish Carcass


Dragon Fly



Kaustubh said...

that must have been an amazing trip...isnt it?

Myndscape said...

It was indeed a great trip!!! on his earlier trip Jagdish has spotted 5 Lesser Adjutant Storks here.