Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Feni and Hurrak Time in Goa

It's hot and sultry in Goa. On the mountain trails the warm breeze loaded with subtle smells of wild flowers also carries strong fruity smell of ripened cashews
Often while cycling through the mountains I come across Villagers busy collecting ripe yellow, red and orange cashew fruits. The nuts would go to cashew factory and the fruit will end up getting crushed in the backyards, the juice will then be fermented and distilled in the small homemade breweries. the product of first distillation is moderately spirited clear liquid -'HURAK' the second distillation produces STRONGLY spirited clear liquid, the famous- 'Kaju FENI'.

HURAK is seasonal and would be available only till mid June. FENI would go a long way and would last till next summer. These spirits add color to local summer harvest festival of SHIGMO.

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