Monday, March 24, 2008

Cycling Facity at Cotigao wildlife Sanctuary

My friend Donald and I spent three days (21st , 22nd , 23rd March 2008) at Cotigao wildlife sanctuary, situated in South Goa. Our best laid plans for photographing wildlife were ruined by unexpected down pour.

It rained (all three days) like it does in rainy season (effect of global warming??), we managed to take longish walks as it drizzled.

The Range Forest Officer Mr. Paresh Parab who happens to be a friend has managed to acquire four cycles, 2 Octane DTB2s and 2 Hero thunders (single speed). We learnt about this when Paresh came to the office late evening, the second day of our stay.

The next morning we did some riding on specially designed cycling trail some 2 Kms in length, passing in a loop through wooded area. On this ride we spotted the Spotted Deer and variety of birds.

Me and Don

Don and Me on the trail

Hero Thunder MTB


Paresh has set an example for other sanctuaries to follow! Providing the cycles would reduce the number of motorbikes and four wheelers entering into the sanctuary.

The visitors can rent these bikes; the casual visitors will have to stick to riding on the special cycling trail, while residing visitors would be free to cycle anywhere within the sanctuary. The official announcement and inauguration (by some politician/higher official) of this facility is scheduled for sometime next week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mate,
Nice to see Don biking ..... it suits him ..... you see a bike is not like his scooter ..... easy to maintain :)
Say hi to him and keep biking.

Adios Amigos
The Big S.